Home improvements and viewings

craig_webmasterEstate Agent

There are still ways to spruce up and boost your property. Here are some of the tips gleaned from our team of experienced estate agents in Ashby-de-la-Zouch ….


Not only can a cluttered house look messy, it can make a property feel smaller, as well as give a feeling of chaos. We understand that these items are your treasured possessions but people looking to buy your home want to see a blank canvas as much as possible, so they can picture themselves living in your home. Untidy homes will spoil that picture.

Get family and friends on board and have a major tidy up. Only keep the things that are really necessary. From the pile of stuff you have left, sort it in to two piles – one for storage and the other for the tip / charity / a boot fair try the local freecycle group based in Swadlincote > click here

Kerb appeal

Make the most of the front of your house. Most people make up their mind whether they like a property simply based on the outside. So …

• Clear away any clutter (children’s toys laying around, broken pots etc.)
• Power wash the slabs or driveway
• Put some weedkiller down and get rid of any weeds
• Cut the law and get some low maintenance pots or flowers
• Give your front door a lick of paint – try the latest paints from Ashby Decorators Center
• Check the outside windowsills and make sure they are clean and well-maintained
• Move your wheelie bins elsewhere, or make a screen.

Stage your home

Some people buying a home have very little imagination as to how they see themselves living in your property, so may need a little prompting. Here are our top 7 tips;

• Tidy all surfaces – put away anything that shouldn’t be on display
• Hang up clothing, jackets and towels in wardrobes
• Hire a professional cleaner – we’re all busy people and it shouldnt cost more than £10 an hour.
• Open windows (and blinds) – ensure all rooms smell really fresh
• Place a vase of flowers in hallway or kitchen
• Move your vehicles to leave parking space free for your viewers
• If you are doing the viewing, ensure you are ready to welcome them and have local useful information
available, e.g. transport, doctors, schools, etc